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Dr. Yingbo Seiler-Zhao
Managing Partner Dr. Yingbo Seiler-Zhao
DBA Intercultural communication, Human Resort Expert, Journalist, Product Manager "Networking and bring people together gives me great satisfaction"
Swiss, born in China
Theo Seiler
Senior Partner / Project ManagerTheo Seiler
Business economist, dipl. Food technologist, European logistic specialist "with great feelings for China"
Senior Partner / Translation and Special AssignmentsShunde Lin
IT Engineer with mechatronics background, Naturalized Swiss, born in China
Peng Peng Zhao
Senior Partner in ChinaPeng Peng Zhao
Industrial textile designer (top 10 in China) "unique in creativity means for me being different"

(with good relationship in Switzerland)

About ICS


Promotion of intercultural and subdermal exchange between Switzerland and China, as well as the provision of related services. The Company may establish branches in Switzerland or abroad, participate in other companies in Switzerland or abroad, acquire or merge similar companies, enter into all transactions and conclude contracts which are suitable for the purpose of the company, directly or indirectly. It may acquire, manage or sale, encumber and property, copyrights, patents and licenses