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Our service
Platform Switzerland – China

Our consultations and services

We transfer our knowledge, experience and know-how from a completely new perspective

We realize with you, your market-, project- and customer services. Together with our local partners, who will fit the best to you;

Under all other considerations of the boarder interdisciplinary topics and standards, we strive to implement your projects successfully.

Keywords, what success between China and Switzerland mean to us:
Mutual respect and mutual trust
Looking for common emotions connecting each other
Open and positive attitude toward unfamiliar cultures and habits
Openness and honesty
Clear settings and agreements on both sides from the start
Choose the correct partner(s)
Always creates a plan B
Be prepared for surprises

Tailor made services (with our partners)

No matter what topic you like to be in we have correct partners!

We all have big emotions to China and Switzerland and have decision making partners on both side. We would be happy to submit you an offer and looking forward of good cooperation's!

Our prices are fair and customer oriented!

Possible forms of cooperation:

  • freelance
  • cooperations on hour based
  • Joint Venture and cooperations with our local partners in whole China
  • Mandate contract as your represantive or consultant
  • Direct sales
  • Project worked

Our prices

Our prices depending on volume and complexity of the projects.
Please contact us for a project request with your task to send you a correct quota.


About ICS


Promotion of intercultural and subdermal exchange between Switzerland and China, as well as the provision of related services. The Company may establish branches in Switzerland or abroad, participate in other companies in Switzerland or abroad, acquire or merge similar companies, enter into all transactions and conclude contracts which are suitable for the purpose of the company, directly or indirectly. It may acquire, manage or sale, encumber and property, copyrights, patents and licenses